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Georgia Landowner Academy Hosts Spring Sessions
This six session course is offered to landowners who own 10 or more acres of land and want to learn the basics of land management. It is designed to serve those who want to make their land more profitable and sustainable. Click through link above for registration information.
2016 Economic Impacts of Forestry in Georgia
The 2016 Economic Impacts of Forestry in Georgia report has been released.
Five-Year Plan for Georgia's Urban and Community Forests 2018 - 2022
A Five-Year Plan for Georgia's Urban and Community Forests has been developed by a dedicated and diverse group of industry leaders across the state to provide strategic direction for urban and community forest programs and to coordinate statewide efforts to value, conserve, manage and enhance Georgia's community forests.
Selling Your Timber
Thinking of selling some or all of your timber? Take a few minutes to educate yourself before you start the process.
Timber Impact Assessment for the West Mims Wildfire
GFC conducted a timber impact assessment on private and industrial lands affected by the West Mims wildfire to determine fire severity and predict survival of damaged stands.
Coastal Georgia's Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Management (video)
Discover the damaging effects of stormwater runoff and how you can help protect, preserve and restore Coastal Georgia's water qualit and natural resources.
Emerald Ash Borer Statewide Quarantine Announced
GFC and the GA Department of Agriculture have implemented a statewide quarantine for ash wood products.
Notice of Timber Harvesting Activity
The updated Notice of Timber Harvesting Activity Form is effective July 1, 2015 and may be downloaded HERE.
New Law Strengthens Timber Sale Regulations (click for details)
A new law strengthening timber sale regulations and increasing protection for forest landowners went into effect on July 1st. House Bill 790 brings change to many parts of the timber sale process and the authority of GFC law enforcement officers to enforce all laws relating to the protection, security, conservation or sale of timber transactions.

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