Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) - Request a Compliance Agreement

To request a Compliance Agreement, please fill out the information below and a regulatory agent will be in contact with you.
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Regulated Articles Handled - Check All Applicable
Ash logs
Ash lumber (green)
Hardwood firewood (non-coniferous)
Ash chips/mulch
Wood packing material constructed with ash
Other (specify)
Please Specify:
Treament/Mitigation - Check All Applicable
1. Remove the bark and an additional 1/2 inch of wood
2. Kiln sterilization
3. Fumigation
4. Heat Treatment
5. Chip or Compost
6. Safeguarding (transport)
7. Facility outside of quarantine area
8. ISPM-15 for ash lumber in wood packing material


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