Prescribed Burning - Southern Pine Beetle (SPB) Cost Share


Prescribed Burning
Prescribed Burning

Basic Provisions

  • Available statewide
  • For loblolly/shortleaf stands or young longleaf stands (10 years old or less)
  • Merchantable stands must have a pine basal area of 60 - 110 square feet per acre
  • 10+ acres


Approval of cost share funding does not imply that the Georgia Forestry Commission or the USDA Forest Service accepts liability for any prescribed burning.

Prescribed burning is designed for pine stands with a severe hardwood encroachment problem which threatens the health of the stand. Unhealthy stands tend to be at higher risk for southern pine beetle damage so stand must meet certain density factor to qualify. Stands must be a minimum of 10 acres to qualify and only winter burning is permitted. Severe crown scorch can actually attract southern pine beetles so every effort should be made to have a "backing" fire to minimize hot spots with the burn.

All state and local laws must be followed with the burning, and best management practices should be followed when constructing firebreaks. Contact your local GFC office to learn more about state and local ordinances that may apply with this practice.

To apply for this practice, contact your local county GFC forester.

Additional information about prescribed burning.

Funding provided by the USDA - Forest Service


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