Restoration Hardwood Planting - Southern Pine Beetle (SPB) Cost Share

$115 per acre

Basic Provisions

  • Restoration planting is offered statewide
  • A commercially viable hardwood species or mix of species must be used, as determined by a Georgia Forestry Commission forester
  • Must plant at least 10 acres
  • No maximum planting density but there must be at least 250 properly planted seedlings per acre at the time of performance check
  • Lump sum payment comes after trees are successfully established
  • Any components already accomplished (such as site preparation or burning) should be subtracted from the allowable cost share rate
  • Each tract will be ranked based on a scoring system
  • Priority points will be given to:
    • Limited resource landowners
    • Areas harvested due to pine bark beetle activity. A Georgia Forestry Commission forester will investigate to ensure the tract actually had an SPB infestation.
    • The total score is determined by multiplying the total points by the SPB hazard multiplier for the county

Practice Component Rates

  • $50 per acre for site preparation - includes burning
  • $35 per acre for hardwood seedlings
  • $30 per acre for hardwood planting


Funding provided by the USDA - Forest Service


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