Landowner Forest Management Services

Forester advising Landowner Land Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC) foresters and technicians are available to assist landowners with a variety of forest management services. Following is a brief overview of programs and services offered by the GFC forest managment staff.

Landowners can contact their local GFC Forester for further assistance.

Cost Share & Incentive Programs
  • Cost-share and conservation assistance through federal and state programs

  • Consulting Foresters, Forestry Service Contractors, Master Timber Buyers,
    Timber Harvest Notification Ordinances, Certified Arborists, Christmas Tree and Pine Straw Producers

Forest Health
  • Forest health information, education, and training
  • Forest pests and invasive species identifcation and management recommendations

Forest Legacy Program & Conservation Easements
  • Forest Legacy Program administration and conservation easement assistance

Management Plans and Advice
  • Provide site specific consultation and written guidelines on topics such as reforestation, timber stand improvement, harvesting, and timber selling
  • Development of multiple-use Forest Stewardship Plans and a program for landowners known as GROWS (Georgia Recognizes Our Woodland Stewards) which provides a forum for exchanging information and ideas on how to manage forestland

Mechanical Fuel Treatment Service
  • Mechanical fuel treatment is ideal for areas in the wildland-urban interface, and land near gas lines, power lines, rights of ways and other smoke sensitive areas.

Prescribed Burning
  • Assistance with prescribed burning, including firebreak installation, burn plan development and assistance carrying out a burn

Taxes and Estate Planning
  • Tax and estate planning information and resources for forest landowners

Tree Seedlings
  • Pine and hardwood bare root seedlings for sale

Water Quality and BMPs
  • Advice on Forestry Best Management Practices (BMPs), as well as monitoring and education
  • BMP learning modules online
  • Forest water quality and wetland complaint investigation and mediation
  • Timber Harvest Notification Ordinances Information


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