Timber Harvest Notification Ordinances

House Bill 199 amended Georgia Code 12-6-24 to enhance the Timber Harvest Notification Process. Among the many positive changes in this code was the need to update and revise the Notice of Timber Harvesting Activity Form.

The updated form is effective July 1, 2015 and may be downloaded here.

Georgia counties or municipal governing authorities may craft ordinances which require landowners or timber buyers to give notice prior to harvesting timber. This can ensure that counties can track ad valorem taxes as well as roadway access points to meet their regulations. Georgia Code 12-6-24 does not preclude counties, municipalities, and other political subdivisions from enacting and enforcing tree ordinances, landscape ordinances, or streamside buffer ordinances; provided, however, such ordinances shall not apply to timber harvesting that is not associated with development.

GFC urges landowners and timber buyers to check with local officials to determine if a Timber Harvest Notification form is required to harvest timber in each county where harvests are planned.